Course Type: Pre Diploma Course in Food Production, Culinary and Bakery is a pathway of Knowledge to Success in this niche segment of culinary arts and Bakery

The person who wants to start their life from an elevation, 1-year pre-diploma course in food production and culinary arts is perfect for them. JB Institute of hospitality management in Kolkata offers the student One-year course for a better understanding of the field.

Course Highlights : 1-year pre-diploma course is consisting of 6-7 months theory and 6-5 months of industrial training plus on-job-training. The course is perfectly designed for those want to start their career from a step ahead. The 6-5 months industrial training plus on-job-training is going to give a complete real-time exposure to definitely a history of Culinary Arts, Fundamentals of Cooking, methods, and handling of Commercial Kitchen equipment Training and Bakery, with significant knowledge on Fabrication, Slicing Cutting Techniques, With important sauces and soup making. Furthermore, students will experience Technique of menu planning, learning the inner dynamics of food microbiology and Nutrition, costing, and many enhanced practical techniques of cooking.

Bakery segment will cover different slices of bread, pizza base, cakes, muffins, biscuits making along with cake decorations, fundamentals of chocolate making

Selection Process:For several reasons, people cannot pursue higher studies after secondary or higher secondary level and aged between 18-26 Years. JB hospitality institute gives you the offer to reach your goal as you can pursue the courses with an even secondary level of education. Formal education cannot be a barrier to get the success in your life.

The students want to take the admission must sit for a personal interview session. Once completing the admission process one can pursue the course. Also, Students who have completed their Diploma/Degree in Hospitality Management can also apply for specialization.

The course guarantees you of 100% job confirmation on the successful completion of the course.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your aspiration wings


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