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Diploma Course

Diploma in Accommodation Management course

Eligibility, Duration, Fees, Admission, Syllabus, & Scope

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Specialization Diploma in Accommodation Management

Diploma in Accommodation Management is a program that provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in managing accommodation such as hotels, resorts and guesthouses.

The curriculum covers a range of topics essential for effective accommodation management. This includes understanding guest needs and preferences, managing reservations and bookings, ensuring cleanliness and maintenance of facilities, and overseeing staff to provide excellent customer service. Students will learn how to effectively communicate with guests, resolve conflicts, and lead teams to ensure smooth operations.

Students will also learn about budgeting and financial management specific to accommodation establishments. This includes managing expenses, pricing strategies, and maximizing revenue through effective occupancy management.

Practical experience is often incorporated into the program through internships or work placements at accommodation establishments. This allows students to apply their learning in real-world settings and gain valuable hands-on experience.

Upon completion of the Diploma in Accommodation Management, graduates will be well-prepared to pursue careers in various sectors of the accommodation industry, including hotel management, resort management, and guesthouse management. This diploma typically spans a duration of six months to one year, providing a solid foundation for a successful career in accommodation management.

diploma in hotel management
Why study and how beneficial Accommodation Management Course

Studying Accommodation Management offers numerous benefits for syudents interested in pursuing careers in the hospitality industry. Studying Accommodation Management provides you with valuable skills, practical experience, and industry connections necessary to succeed in the dynamic and rewarding field of hospitality. This course sets you on a path to a fulfilling and lucrative career in the hospitality industry. Below are some of the main options why it is worth considering:


  • In-Demand Skills: Accommodation Management courses provide you with a comprehensive understanding of hotel operations, including guest services, housekeeping, front office management, and revenue management.


  • Career Opportunities: Completing an Accommodation Management course opens up diverse career paths in the hospitality sector. The knowledge and skills gained from the course will prepare you for various roles, such as Housekeeping manager, Executive House Keeper, House Keeping Executer, Guest Service Associate, Floor Manager, Laundry Manager, Chambermaid, etc.


  • Hands-On Experience: Accommodation Management courses incorporate practical training and internships, allowing you to gain real-world experience in hotel operations.


  • Personal Development: In addition to professional skills, Accommodation Management course often focus on soft skills such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, and customer service. These skills are essential for building successful careers in hospitality and contribute to your personal growth and development.


  • Global Perspective: Studying Accommodation Management exposes you to international hospitality standards and practices, making you adaptable and competitive in the global job market.

Accommodation Management course study subjects

The accommodation management courses include various topics to develop the skills students need to manage accommodation facilities such as hotels, resorts and guesthouses. The study core subjects included in the course are:

The Course Study Subjects Details
Attributes of Food and Beverage Service Personnel, Hierarchy in Food and Beverage Department
Service at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Types of menu and cuisines
Business Communication, First-aid/Hygiene/ Maintenance, Lightning and Color Scheme.
Linen/Laundry, Types of the Guest Room, Planning a Room Layout
Domestic Housekeeping, Hygiene and Hotel Maintenance, Furniture Fixtures Fitting Soft Furnishing and the Saris get Supplies Amenities in the Guest Room.
Collector Sticks of a Good Cleaning Agent, Cleaning Science, Cleaning Equipment.
Cleaning of Different Surface, Type of Cleaning Agent, Housekeeping Procedure.
Hotel Guest Room Services, Stain Removal and Flower Decoration, Cleaning Products.
Housekeeping Operation, Communication English and Computer Fundamental, Bed and Bedding Services.

20 to 25 weeks of Industrial Training in the Industry

The course fees and Other Details

The fee for Diploma in Accommodation Management program depends on various factors. The program may also offer fee structures based on whether it is conducted full-time, part-time or through distance learning. Factors such as facilities offered by the institution and any additional certifications or accreditations may affect program fees. Students may also be offered scholarship or financial aid options to manage the cost of study. Course fees and related details are below:

Course LevelDiploma
Duration1 Year
Eligibility Criteria10th/12th Passed from recognized Board
Average Course FeeINR 50,500 /- Approximately
Recruitment AreasHotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Tourism Sectors Housekeeping Management Companies, Laundry Services, Interior Decoration, etc.
Job RolesHousekeeping manager, Executive House Keeper, House Keeping Executer, Guest Service Associate, Floor Manager, Laundry Manager, Chambermaid etc.
Average SalaryINR 2-5 Lakhs, Or (as per job profile)
Entrance exam and fees related more information can be found here

Eligibility Criteria for the Course:

  • Age should be between 18-24 years. There is some relaxation for SC and ST candidates.
  • You must acquire or secure at least 40% from a recognized board on the 10th/12th.
  • Understanding of the English Language should be there in both Writing and Speaking.
  • You need to have good communication skills and confidence.


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Accommodation Management scope or career prospects in India/abroad

Accommodation management within the hospitality industry unlocks a plethora of career avenues both domestically in India and globally. This field encompasses roles in hotels, resorts, facilities management, cruise lines, the travel and tourism sector, and event planning. Below is an expansive overview of potential career trajectories in this domain:


  • Hotel Management: Graduates specializing in Accommodation Management can carve out careers across various types of hotels, including opulent resorts, boutique establishments, budget lodgings, and international hotel conglomerates.


  • Event Management: Numerous graduates find opportunities within event management firms or venues, orchestrating accommodations for conferences, nuptials, corporate gatherings, and other significant events.


  • Travel and Tourism Industry: A background in accommodation management opens doors in the travel and tourism sector, with roles in tour operations, travel agencies, or cruise lines. These positions often involve managing accommodation bookings and delivering customer support.


  • Cruise Line Industry: Professionals in this field may also venture into the cruise line industry, overseeing onboard accommodations, guest services, and housekeeping operations, all while enjoying the opportunity to traverse the globe in a hospitality-centered role.


  • Corporate Hospitality: There are opportunities within corporate hospitality for managing guest accommodations for corporate employees, ensuring seamless stays for business travelers.


  • Consultancy and Training: Seasoned professionals in accommodation management can pivot to consultancy or training roles, imparting their knowledge to hospitality enterprises or educational institutions, thereby shaping the next generation of hospitality experts.


  • International Opportunities: The field of accommodation management enjoys global recognition, providing extensive employment and career advancement prospects worldwide. International hotel chains, resorts, and hospitality corporations frequently seek adept professionals in this area, underscoring the sector’s expansive reach and demand for skilled expertise.


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Accommodation Management salary expectation after the course:

Upon the completion of a Diploma in Accommodation Management, remuneration expectations can fluctuate based on variables such as the specific job role, geographical location, level of experience, and the nature of the accommodation establishment.

Typically, entry-level roles in accommodation management—encompassing positions such as front desk associates, housekeeping personnel, or assistant managers—offer salaries ranging from approximately ₹1.5 to ₹3.5 LPA. With the accrual of experience and the development of specialized expertise, progression to higher-level positions can result in significantly increased earnings.

Additional factors influencing salary expectations in accommodation management include the local cost of living, the demand for proficient professionals, and any supplementary perks or benefits provided by the employer.

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Other Diploma Course List

Course NameDurationsEligibility Criteria
Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management course1 Years10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in Hotel Management1 Years10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in food & beverage services1 Years10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in front office management1 Years10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in hospitality & tourism studies1 Years10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in culinary arts & bakery1 Years10th/12th passed from recognized Board
The placement process starts last semester, and JBIHM Provides 100% Placement opportunities in 5 Star National and International Brands.

Based on Student Queries some Q&A

With hotel management, you have many diverse employment options to explore.

Hotel management qualifications from an institute will help you enjoy financial and personal growth.

No, students from all recognized boards have been eligible to join hotel management courses. We have already discussed this topic above.

There is no doubt that the hotel management and hospitality industry offer great career opportunities. It has benefited thousands of students attending the Hotel Management College.

Job opportunities after hotel management courses are practically endless. Candidates not only explore job opportunities in India, but many graduates can also land jobs abroad.

While joining hotel management courses, you need to consider your interest and specific goals in this field.

Do you want to develop an additional skill with the Hotel Management course? Or do you want a course to help you with your existing job role?

Choose your course subject accordingly. Apart from this, you need to have good organizing skills along with qualities like punctuality, dedication, and hard work, which will help you to be successful.

Hotel management course duration differs from institute to institute. At JBIHM, all diploma courses are of one-year duration, and we also offer advanced diploma courses of two years.

Yes, you can join hotel management after the 10th class. You are eligible after the 10th to do a skill development/craft course /diploma level course in hotel management.

You can start your career in housekeeping, food production, food, and beverage services, etc. But getting an additional qualification in the hotel management field after a diploma and work experience helps you grow in your career.

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