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Culinary Arts Course

Diploma in Culinary Arts and Bakery

Course after 10th/12th, Course Fee, Duration, subjects, salary, eligibility, Syllabus, Scope

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About Diploma in culinary arts and bakery course

Culinary Arts and Bakery Diploma course typically covers a wide range of topics related to cooking, baking, pastry arts, and food preparation.This Programme offers with 1 Year duration diploma in Culinary Arts and Bakery. This course is an intensive program designed to provide students with comprehensive training in both culinary arts and baking.

The curriculum of course covers a wide range of topics including, Culinary Techniques, Baking and Pastry, Menu Planning and Recipe Development, Food Presentation and Plating, Kitchen Management, Pastry Arts, and Nutrition and Dietary Considerations.

Upon completion of the course graduates are prepared to pursue various career paths in the culinary and baking industry, such as chef, baker, pastry chef, caterer, food stylist, or restaurant manager. This diploma course provides a solid foundation for a rewarding and dynamic career in the culinary and baking industry.

Why Study and How the Culinary Arts and Bakery Course will be Beneficial

Studying a Culinary Arts and Bakery Diploma course provides a pathway to a rewarding and fulfilling career in the dynamic and thriving food industry, offering opportunities for creativity, innovation, and professional growth. The course can be highly profitable and valuable for several facts:


  • High Demand for Skilled Professionals: The food industry is constantly growing and evolving, creating a high demand for skilled culinary professionals. With this diploma you’ll possess the skills and knowledge needed to excel in various culinary settings, such as restaurants, bakeries, hotels, catering companies, and more.


  • Creativity and Innovation: Culinary arts and baking are creative fields that require innovation and experimentation. The course fosters creativity by encouraging students to explore different ingredients, flavors, and techniques, enabling them to develop their unique culinary style and signature dishes.


  • Versatility and Flexibility: With culinary arts and bakery diploma equips you with a versatile skill set that can be applied in various culinary roles. You can work as a chef, pastry chef, baker, caterer or food entrepreneur. The skills you gain through the course offer flexibility and career growth opportunities.


  • Competitive Salaries and Career Advancement: Skilled culinary professionals are often rewarded with competitive salaries and opportunities for career advancement. Your experience, and your skills in the field, will allow you to move into leadership roles, such as head chef, pastry chef, or restaurant manager, which usually come with higher pay and more responsibility.


  • Global Perspective: Culinary arts is a global field with diverse culinary traditions and techniques from around the world. The course exposes students to a variety of cuisines, culinary trends, and cultural influences, providing them with a broad perspective on the culinary industry.

Diploma in Culinary arts and bakery course Study Materials / Subjects

The program may offer additional elective courses or specialized modules based on the curriculum and the evolving trends in the culinary and baking industry. While specific syllabi may vary depending on the institution offering the Culinary Arts and Bakery Diploma course. Here are some core subjects included in the course:


  • Culinary Fundamentals: Introduction to basic culinary techniques, knife skills, food safety, and sanitation practices.


  • Baking and Pastry Techniques: Hands-on instruction in baking various types of bread, pastries, cakes, cookies, and desserts. This includes learning about ingredient functions, mixing methods, baking temperatures, and decorating techniques.


  • Menu Planning and Recipe Development: Understanding how to create balanced menus, develop recipes, and modify recipes for different dietary needs and preferences.


  • Food Theory and Nutrition: Exploring the science behind cooking and baking, including the role of ingredients, chemical reactions in food preparation, and the nutritional aspects of different foods.


  • Food Presentation and Plating: Learning how to present dishes attractively, using various plating techniques to enhance visual appeal.


  • Business Skills for Culinary Professionals: Basics of business management relevant to the culinary industry, including budgeting, inventory management, and marketing.


  • Specialty Baking and Pastry: Advanced instruction in specific areas of baking and pastry arts, such as artisan bread-making, cake decorating, chocolate work, and sugar artistry.


  • Internship or Work Experience: Programs include a practical component where students gain hands-on experience in a professional kitchen, bakery, or hospitality establishment. 


20 to 25 weeks of Industrial Training in the Industry

Diploma in Culinary Arts and Bakery Course Fees Other Details

The tuition fees for a Diploma in Culinary Arts and Bakery course can vary widely depending on factors such as the institution, duration of the program.

On an average, the course fee for such programs can range from approximately 60 thousand to 1.5 lakh. This usually covers the use of kitchen facilities and equipment, course materials and chef uniforms.

Financial aid options, such as scholarships, grants, and student loans, may also be available to help offset the cost of tuition for eligible students.

Course LevelDiploma
Duration1 Year
Eligibility Criteria10th/12th Passed from recognized Board
Average Course FeeINR 95,500 /- approximately
Recruitment AreasHotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Catering Services, Food Service Management, Bakery and Pastry Shops, etc.
Job RolesPastry Chefs, Bakery Specialists, Culinary Instructors, and Entrepreneurs, Commi, Demi-Chef-Partie, Sou chef, Executive Chef, etc.
Average SalaryINR 2-6 Lakhs, Or (as per job profile)

Eligibility Criteria for the Course:

  • Age should be between 18-24 years. There is some relaxation for SC and ST candidates.
  • You must acquire or secure at least 40% from a recognized board on the 10th/12th.
  • Understanding of the English Language should be there in both Writing and Speaking.
  • You need to have good communication skills and confidence.

The Course Admission Process:

JB Institute of Hospitality Management selection procedure based on aptitude test and personal interview of the students. JBIHM Also accepts the score of NCHMCT JEE or AIMA UGAT. Direct admission is also considered for meritorious students

After Culinary Arts and Bakery Course Job Profile wise Salary Expectation

Students who have completed a Culinary Arts and Bakery Diploma course may find entry-level positions in various sectors of the hospitality and food service industry. Some common entry-level positions include:

1. Commi Chef
2. Pastry Chef Assistant
3. Bakery Assistant
4. Line Cook
5. Kitchen Helper and
6. Assistant Baker.

Salary for entry-level positions in the culinary and bakery field can vary depending on factors such as location, type of establishment, level of experience, and skill level. A general idea of the salary range for entry-level positions in India:

Commis Chef: Approximately ₹10,000 to ₹20,000 per month, Pastry Chef Assistant/Bakery Assistant/Assistant Baker: Approximately ₹8,000 to ₹15,000 per month, Line Cook/Kitchen Helper: Approximately ₹7,000 to ₹12,000 per month. The high salary depends on how well you skilled in your job profile

Scope and Career Prospects in Culinary Arts and Bakery Course

In India, Culinary Arts and Bakery course offer promising career prospects and a wide range of opportunities in the dynamic and rapidly growing hospitality and food service industry. Scope and career prospects for students with a diploma in culinary arts and bakery such as:


  • Chef/Cook: Graduates can work as chefs or cooks in various settings such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise ships, catering companies, and cafes. Students may specialize in specific cuisines or areas of the kitchen, such as pastry, bakery, or savory cooking.


  • Baker/Pastry Chef: Skilled bakers and pastry chefs are in high demand in India due to the popularity of artisan breads, cakes, pastries and desserts. Graduates can work in bakeries, pastry shops, hotels, restaurants, and specialty dessert outlets.


  • Food Stylist: Food styling is gaining prominence in the advertising, media, and hospitality industries. Culinary arts graduates can work as food stylists for magazines, advertising agencies, food photography studios, and television productions.


  • Food Consultant: Experienced culinary professionals may work as food consultants, providing expertise and advice to restaurants, hotels, food manufacturers, and other food-related businesses on menu development, kitchen operations, quality control, and food safety.


  • Culinary Instructor/Trainer: Graduates with extensive experience and knowledge in culinary arts and bakery may pursue careers as culinary instructors, trainers, or educators in culinary schools, vocational training institutes, or corporate training programs.


  • Event Catering: With the increasing demand for professional catering services for weddings, corporate events, parties, and other social gatherings, there are opportunities for culinary arts graduates to work as catering chefs, menu planners, or event coordinators.

Other Diploma Course Lists

Course NameDurationsEligibility Criteria
Adv Diploma in Culinary Arts and Bakery2 Year12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management course1 Year10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in Hotel Management1 Year10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in accommodation management1 Year10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in food & beverage services1 Year10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in front office management1 Year10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in hospitality & tourism studies1 Year10th/12th passed from recognized Board
The placement process starts last semester, and JBIHM Provides 100% Placement opportunities in 5 Star National and International Brands.

Based on Student Queries some Q&A

Diploma in Hotel Management 1 year: 10th/12th pass with 50% Marks from a recognized Board. You should be between 18 to 25 years of age to apply to these courses.

For those who want to pursue an exciting career in the culinary arts & bakery, this program takes through the basics of classical and international cuisine preparation, Garde manger, butchery, patisserie and bakery.

At the same time, it develops your professionalism and skills in preparing world-class food. In addition to developing a passion for the craft, this program enhances your supervisory, technical and interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills that are essential in the growing field of the culinary industry.

JBIHM has strong links with the industry and conducts interactions between students and industry representatives and facilities student internships and placement.

As an integral part of the programme, students will undergo a few weeks of comprehensive professional work placement. It has been designed to give an intensive hands-on learning experience within a challenging work environment.

And the job profiles are Food Stylist, Commi, Demi-Chef-Partie, Bakery Pastry chef, Sou chef, Executive Chef, Food Scientist, Catering Manager, etc.

Hotel management Diploma course fees differ from institute to institute. In JBIHM, diploma courses will cost around 50,000 to 1 lakhs.

While joining hotel management courses, you need to consider your interest and specific goals in this field.

Do you want to develop an additional skill with the Hotel Management course? Or do you want a course to help you with your existing job role?

Choose your course subject accordingly. Apart from this, you need to have good organizing skills along with qualities like punctuality, dedication, and hard work, which will help you to be successful.

No, students from all recognized boards have been eligible to join hotel management courses. We have already discussed this topic above.

Hotel management course duration differs from institute to institute. At JBIHM, all diploma courses are of one-year duration, and we also offer advanced diploma courses of two years.

Hotel management courses give different options for freshers. You will be eligible for jobs in Hotel and other hospitality sectors like cruise, hospital, aviation, event management, retail chain, food chain, tourism sector, and many more options.

On the Industrial Training & Final Job placements, we have a good percentage of placements.

With hotel management, you have many diverse employment options to explore.

Hotel management qualifications from an institute will help you enjoy financial and personal growth.

At JBIHM, the average course fee to pursue this program from INR 80 – 85,000 ( it could fluctuate ) while it may differ depending on the college/ university.

There is no doubt that the hotel management and hospitality industry offer great career opportunities. It has benefited thousands of students attending the Hotel Management College.

Job opportunities after hotel management courses are practically endless. Candidates not only explore job opportunities in India, but many graduates can also land jobs abroad.

Yes, you can join hotel management after the 10th class. You are eligible after the 10th to do a skill development/craft course /diploma level course in hotel management.

You can start your career in housekeeping, food production, food, and beverage services, etc. But getting an additional qualification in the hotel management field after a diploma and work experience helps you grow in your career.

From event and catering management to business development and marketing, hospitality management gives you the skills for a successful career in the hotel industry.

You as a field of work Accommodation manager, Catering manager, Chef, Conference centre manager, Event manager, Fast food restaurant manager, Hotel manager, Air cabin crew, Business development manager, Customer service manager, Human resources officer, Marketing executive, Retail manager, Tour manager, Tourism officer, Attraction Administrator, Tourism Event Specialist, Travel Consultant, Hospitality Service Ambassador, Tourism Marketing Specialist.

Joining the tourism and hospitality industry is a good career choice. After completing a course in this stream, candidates can pursue many hotel management job profiles such as Hotel Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Travel Coordinator, Guest Service Coordinator, Event Manager, Guest Service, Reservation Manager, Housekeeping Attendant, Conference Assistant, Event Assistant.

And the service sector’s are: Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Aviation industry, Cruise Ships, Hospital administration, Institutional management, Travel and Tour Business, Logistics & Supply chain, Event Management, Other tourism and service industry, etc.

10/12th or any equivalent examinations with 50% marks in aggregate and English as one of the compulsory subjects.

Your expected Salary can be INR 2 to 4 lakhs( it could fluctuate ) depending on your job profile.

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