Hospitality management involves the direct application of sound management concepts and practices in the areas of food, lodging, and other hospitality-related businesses. It involves overseeing the operations as well as attending to guest needs. The term Hospitality Management refers to a range of occupations and professional practices associated with the administration of hotels and the related one. It is a service industry its task is to create shareholder wealth by servicing and satisfying guests. It is indeed assuming greater significance and is fast developing into a lucrative career provider. Today a training course in hospitality management encompasses training in various aspects of the business of the hotel-related industry, travel and tourism related industry and housekeeping and catering in the Hospitality industry (including customer care executives).

Career opportunities :


One can get placement in different categories of hotels ranging from Indian chain of five-star properties such as Taj, Oberoi, Lalit, Leela Hotels & Palaces and Welcome group, to an international chain like Le Meridian, Intercontinental, Marriot, Kempinski, Hyatt, Sheraton etc. One can get a job in different department i.e. Front Office, House Keeping, Food and Beverage Service and Food Production according to their skill and Knowledge and their interest.

Aviation Industry

Airline Industry is also a good option for the hospitality management students. One can join as an Air Hostess or Flight Stewards. Some of them can also join as Ground Staff or as Guest Relationship Executives. There is a training program for employees.

Cruise lines

Cruise lines attract the students with a greater package that starts from 70 k and above according to the experience they have and the opportunity to travel around the world while working.

Retail Sector

The retail sector has a wide range of open for hospitality management graduates. It includes job profiles like Mall GM, Mall Manager, Mall Executive Chef, Mall Chef, Housekeeping Manager etc.


Teaching can also be an option; they may join hotel management colleges after approx. 2 years of experience depending upon their academic performance. Initially, they may join as an assistant lecturer and within 3 years of teaching experience, they are eligible for lecturer post.


Another option is opening own Hotel, Restaurants or working as consultants for building up hotels or restaurants.A student who has earned a degree, diploma, and Masters in hospitality management can also work in the below mentioned sectors:


Lot many multinational companies dealing with food products, nutrition & food safety employs Hospitality professional and also in their public relation department.

Public Sectors

Government and semi government sectors in Hospitality and Tourism sectors recruits Hospitality professionals.

Event Management

Hospitality sectors contributes majorly in this industry with its trained professionals.

Club Management

All the major renowed clubs all over India, thanks Hospitality Professionals for their management and Hospitality.

Administration and Catering

Industrial Catering plus event catering recruits majorly from Hotel & Hospitality trained employee’s

Corporate Hospitals

With advent of corporate hospitals in 21st century , Even Hospitalization become a less traumatic and comfortable experience, to provide this experience state of art Hospitality facilities along with medical facility are combined together and to take care of this human touch and hospitality experience in medical facilities , large number of Hospitality professionals are recruited and still absorbed, opening further avenues.

Fast Food Joints/Chains

All the experience drawn from Food & Beverage & Food Production department of Hospitality provided the foundation of Food Chains and Hospitality professionals still performs the management and administrative functions here.

Travel & Tourism Sectors

Travel & Tourism and Hospitality runs in the world like a body and it’s shadow, hence thing of each without is impossible, thus hospitality courses paved the way for professionals in this sector

Others few notable sectors mentioned below are among the few more popular sectors which have hospitality professional working in them

. Banking Sectors

. Insurance Sectors

. Health Clubs

Hence going through a little backdrop of history, the Hospitality industry has started its journey from the hotel industry but early twentieth century seen arise of various sectors aligning with hospitality related services, thus we can apply say…….Industry never ends in Hospitality.

Expanse of Hospitality Sector increased its range of employability and today a student taking you Hospitality Courses has parallel employment options, That’s why today the Hospitality Sector stands at the top employment generation sector worldwide, and as stated by World Tourism Council, among the 10 jobs generated in the world , 1 would be from Hospitality.