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How much are the hotel management course fees in Kolkata actually?
What is the procedure for Hotel management admission? and How is the hotel management entrance exam? How can you recognize the best Hotel management institute in Kolkata? How do you do Tourism and Hospitality Course

Let’s understand every options clearly

Hotel management courses are an excellent option for higher studies after school. Since it is a professional course, students can easily find jobs after completing the course. Hotel management course fees in Kolkata are very reasonable. So, this is also another attractive factor to choose this course.

Anyone who has completed the 10th or 12th standard can apply for hotel management admission. There are different types of course options. So, it is easy to find one that suits your personal preferences.

Hotel management course fees in Kolkata will vary according to the course you choose after a hotel management entrance exam. It will also depend on the institute you study at.

Through this discussion, we will help you make an informed decision about hotel management admission.

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But before that, let us look at the different factors to consider when choosing a good hotel management institute.

How to choose a good hotel management institute in Kolkata?

The first step to a career in the hotel industry is appearing for a hotel management entrance exam.

Once you clear it, here are the factors that will help you identify a good hotel management institute.

  • How long it has been in existence: Nowadays hotel management institutes are coming up more. When you have the option, always go for an established institute. These institutes have experienced staff and better placement options. Their lab and training facilities will meet industry expectations.
  • Good infrastructure: A good hotel management institute in Kolkata will have a proper campus. You will also find a good layout and neat classrooms. Labs and kitchens will have enough space. They will also have the latest equipment for training purposes.
  • Types of courses: Good colleges will offer a variety of courses at all levels. During hotel management admission, check for a diploma as well as graduate course options. Does the institute have higher studies options? You can also choose tourism and hospitality course options as well. This indicates that the college has expert staff who can handle all subjects related to the course.
  • Fees for different courses: Hotel management course fees in Kolkata vary from one institute to another. So, you can find an institute and course with fees that fit your budget. Don’t forget to consider extra expenses like hostel charges, transportation, and exam fees. This will help you calculate the actual amount you will spend on the course.
  • Placement opportunities: Institutes like JBIHM offer placement options to their students. This ensures you get a good job after your course. Unless the college offers placement help, you will have to find a job on your own. So, pay attention to this factor during hotel management admission itself.

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Learn how you can start a career with a skill development course Or Accommodation Management course.

And also can build a career in adv. Diploma course Or with a Post Graduation course.

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A general understanding of Hotel management course fees in Kolkata

The actual course fees will depend on the institute and type of course you choose. So, there are different course fees depending on whether you opt for certificate, diploma or degree courses.

In general, course fees for hotel management institute in Kolkata are as follows:

  • Diploma Course: Current fee in JBIHM is approximately under lakh for all Diploma course
  • Adv Diploma: In JBIHM for adv diploma course fee average 1.5 lakh(approximately)
  • Degree Course: JBIHM fees for Graduation courses range from 1 to 3 lakhs (approximate)
  • Certificate Course: Fees will depend on the subject and duration of course but in jbihm Certificate Course Fees approximately 25 to 50 thousand.
  • Post Graduation: The average fee for Postgraduate courses ranges from 2 to 2.5 lakhs approximately.
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This is a general estimate of the fees for different hotel management courses. It is also similar to tourism and hospitality course options.  The exact amount will vary from one college to another.

The fee structure will also be revised at specific intervals. So, it is best to consult the college before you appear for a hotel management entrance exam. This will help you get a better idea.

Some hotel management courses can be covered by bank loans. If you do not want to pay the entire fees upfront, it is a good idea to choose a recognized option. In this case, you can avail of a loan. This gives you the flexibility to pay the amount after completing your course.

Hotel management admission process details

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To obtain admission to any hotel management institute in Kolkata, you should meet certain conditions. This will apply to all courses including tourism and hospitality courses also.

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Let us look at what they are:

  • Education: You should have a pass certificate in grade 10th to apply for a diploma course. To apply to graduate courses in hotel management, you should pass the 12th standard.
  • Age: Your age should be between 18 and 25 years. Only then can you apply to diploma and degree courses. However, age restrictions are not there for skill development courses. These can be attended by professionals from the industry as well.

If you meet these conditions, you can apply for admission. Now let us look at the hotel management admission process.

The first step is filling out an application form. You will have to produce copies of your mark sheet. You will also have to submit age proof documents.

The next step is the hotel management entrance exam. This will require prior preparations. You can find details about how to prepare for the entrance exam in this previous article.

If you clear the entrance exam, you will be called for an interview. Some institutes also conduct a group discussion round. If you perform well in all these levels, you will be included in the admission list.

The fee structure and payment deadline will be provided before you join the course. To confirm your seat, you will have to pay the first installment of the hotel management course fees in Kolkata.

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Common doubts about hotel management course fees in Kolkata and admission process

Now, let us address the different doubts and concerns you may have regarding course fees and admissions to hotel management.

1. What is the hotel management course fees in Kolkata?

Hotel management course fees will differ by institute and course. In general, diploma courses will cost around 1 lakh whereas degree courses will range from 2 to 5 lakhs.

2. What does the hotel management fee structure depend on?

Hotel management fees will depend on the type of course and duration. So, your actual fees will be according to the subject you choose. You can choose from the general course. Or you can opt for specializations like tourism and hospitality course or food and beverage etc. Short-term courses cost less than long-term courses. Other factors like the student to teacher ratio will also affect overall fees.

3. What are the different stages of hotel management admission?

The first step is submitting the application form. You should also produce all supporting documents with the application. After this stage, you should appear for an entrance exam. If you clear the entrance exam, there is an interview round. Some institutes will also conduct a group discussion round. Candidates who clear all rounds will receive the admission card or letter.

4. Is admission confirmed once you receive the admission letter?

The admission card or letter confirms that you are on the rank list. However, you should pay the hotel management course fees in Kolkata before the last date in the letter. Your seat is confirmed only after you make the payment. In case you fail to make the first payment on time, your seat may be given to the next deserving candidate.

5. What is the procedure if you wish to complete hotel management admission fees through a bank loan?

You can pay your hotel management fees through a bank loan. For this, some institutes may have a recommended list of banks. Otherwise, you can also approach a bank of your choice with your admission details. It is easy to get a loan if the institute and course are on the bank’s recognized list of courses.

Once you submit all the required proof, the bank will sanction your loan. There will be a timeline to repay the loan after your course. You should be able to find a job at that time. This will allow you to comfortably pay the loan amount with your salary.

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