PRACTICAL TRAINING & LAB FACILITIES: Our Teaching philosophy involves a complete orientation in outlook and instill professionalism as required by Industry Standard, So to make this transformation happen we at JBIHM, train our students not only on Theoretical aspects of the Hotel/Hospitality Management but same stress is laid upon practicals, Hence mandatory practical training which involves development of work related skills and hone their knowledge in accordance to their Employer and Industry Demand.

Front Office Lab: A functional Front office lab is used for students training for Front office practical, where every details of guest handling with situation based training is provided with utmost care.

Food & Beverage Service Lab: F&B practical lab provides the student in-depth knowledge of Food & Beverage service, providing with real-life F&b Situation, with meal plan, Table-setup, Menu-Planning, Handling different Cutlery Etc Under F&b Service, A full functional Bar-Tending Counter provides the nitty-griity and practice of International Level Beverages and Combinations to students.

Food Production Lab:A well equipped food production lab with modern tools and separate bakery section helps students to churn out new national and international level food creation under the expert guidance and hone the skills of fine and delicate art of Culinary and Food Production

House-Keeping Lab: A realistic 5 star category type room and other advance house-keeping equipment ensures that students gets a practical knowledge on house-keeping operations.Thus a robust and modern house-Keeping Lab transforms student theoretical inputs into practical based experience providing clarity of understanding on the subject.

Computer Lab:A fully operational computer lab gives inside to the much needed information technology required for understanding the day to day business related computer applications understanding and training.