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With 6 month hotel management course how to start a brilliant career

6-month hotel management course: how to start an ambitious and successful career with this course

If you want to build earning source with the short term then how 6 month courses after 12th/10th standard are helpful. Also, how the 6-month hotel management course helps you develop your career skill.

What are the differences between hotel management certificate course and hotel management diploma courses? How you can start a career with these courses

6 months Hotel management course

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Overview: 6 Months Hotel Management Course

The face of the hotel industry is changing every day. There are new demands and roles continuously coming up. So, you must constantly update your skills to stay ahead of the competition. A 6 month hotel management course can help you greatly in this regard.

JBIHM offers hotel management freshers and professionals various hotel management certificate course options. These short-term courses are very convenient. They do not take too long to complete.

Hence, you can return to the workforce in no time at all. But with the added benefit of having completed a short-term course. This will greatly add to your resume quality. hotel management certificate course, hotel management diploma courses,

Continue reading to learn all about hotel management diploma courses in detail.  6-month courses after 12th, 

Basic hotel management course: 6 months courses after 12th  hotel management certificate course, 

The very basic eligibility for a hotel management course is the 10th or 12th standard pass. Eligible students can apply to various 6-month courses after 12th.

This will help you to get a valid qualification in hotel or hospitality management. hotel management diploma courses,

There are three main hotel management certificate course options at this level from JBIHM. They are skill development courses in the following areas: 6 month hotel management course, 

  • House-keeping
  • Hospitality management
  • Food production and culinary arts

Hotel management diploma courses detail regarding these courses are available on our Course page. 

For all these 6 month courses after 12th, you should be between 18 and 25 years of age. You can also apply to these courses to further upgrade your skills. Suppose you have a job in the hotel industry but do not have any qualifications in this field. Then, these courses will help you obtain a recognized qualification. hotel management certificate course, hotel management diploma courses,

Main benefits of 6 month hotel management course

Both freshers and experienced professionals can benefit from hotel management certificate course options. hotel management certificate course, hotel management diploma courses,

For freshers, this is their passport to a bright career. Students who have just completed 12th standards can join hotel management courses.

The ideal choice for such students is a long-term diploma or degree. However, these have a long duration. They can take between 2 and 3 years to complete. 

However, some students may not have the luxury of time. Or they have financial constraints. So, they must find a job that helps them earn money at the earliest. 

Such students will prefer to complete a short-term hotel management course. hotel management certificate course, 

6-month courses after 12th can make this happen. You can choose just one area of interest. This can be housekeeping, food & beverage, or hospitality. Then complete your certification in this field.  hotel management diploma courses,

A recognized 6 month hotel management course will help you find a good initial job. You can always continue your studies after gaining job experience. This will also help you earn money to support your education.

Now, let us look at how it works if you are already a hotel management professional. hotel management certificate course, hotel management diploma courses, 6 month courses after 12th, 

6 months courses after 12th

Hotel management certificate courses for industry professionals

The hotel industry is dynamic. It is constantly expanding. Simultaneously, there are many updates in every department. Related technology also changes with time. 

So, it is necessary to keep yourself abreast of these changes. Only then can you survive in this fast-paced industry.

6 month hotel management course options allow you to make up for what you do not know. These courses prepare you for the newest challenges. They teach you how to handle new roles and technology.

So, you will end up being an expert in the field. You will now be better prepared for your job. It will also prepare you for new job roles with greater responsibility.

Hence, it can also improve your scope of getting promoted. hotel management certificate course and hotel management diploma courses, 

The importance of 6 months hotel management course or certificate course

It isn’t unusual for hotel management professionals to seek new profiles. Ever so often, you may find yourself tired of your existing role. Or you may find that there is limited growth in the department that you are in currently. So, an additional qualification becomes necessary to advance your career.

6 month hotel management course can be the solution to all these problems.

Through one of these courses, you can specialize in a new subject. This will help you switch to a new profile. Meanwhile, your existing experience will still hold good.

So, rather than change your career path, you can just move to a new department. Or even find a better opportunity in another sector.

An additional 6 month hotel management course will also put you ahead of your peers. It shows that you are serious about your career. And that you are adept with the latest industry practices.

This gives you extra points during appraisals. When there is competition for a promotion, you have the advantage. So, it becomes easier to move ahead in your career.

Such courses also improve the scope for better salary packages in a new role. Hence you should consider it seriously.

For aspirant Careers, select Hotel Management Course from the list
Course NameDurationEligibility Criteria
Master in Hotel Management2 YearsGraduation from Any Stream with 50 %
Master in Hospital Management2 YearsGraduation from Any Stream with 50 %
MBA in Hospitality and Tourism2 YearsGraduation from Any Stream with 50 %
Bachelor in Hotel Management3 Years12th passed/appeared from recognized Board
Bachelor of Business Administration3 Years12th passed/appeared from recognized Board
Bachelor in Hospitality & Tourism3 Years12th passed/appeared from recognized Board
Bachelor in Hospital Management3 Years12th passed/appeared from recognized Board
Adv.Diploma in Culinary Arts & Bakery2 years12th passed from recognized Board
Adv.Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism studies2 years12th passed from recognized Board
Adv. Diploma in Hospitality & Catering Studies2 years12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in Culinary Arts & Bakery1 Year10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in Accommodation Management1 Year10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in Food & Beverage Service1 Year10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in Front Office Management1 Year10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism studies1 Year10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in Hospitality & Catering Studies1 Year10th/12th passed from recognized Board
Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management course1 Year10th/12th passed from recognized Board

The placement process starts last semester, and JBIHM Provides 100% Placement opportunities in 5 Star National and International Brands.

Based on Student Queries some Q&A

some of the doubts that some students usually have to face during admission in Hotel Management Courses

Good institutes have placement for their senior students. Institutes like JBIHM bring recruiters from famous hotels. The hotels conduct interviews to find top candidates. Then they hire them for entry-level positions.

Your course will prepare you for interviews. Recruiters prefer good results. They will also look at other qualities. Some of these are confidence, general attitude, and enthusiasm.

Students who are serious about hotel management as a career make good impressions. They have a good chance of being hired. hotel management certificate course and hotel management diploma courses, 

You can also attend direct recruitment drives after your course. These are usually conducted for students who are ready to join immediately. But the competition is higher. Students from other colleges will also attend these drives.

To make this decision, consider your strengths and subjects of interest. Also think of the big picture.

Choose a course that will allow you to use your best talents. You should also look forward to a career in this field years later.

Other factors to consider include how long you want to study, your fees budget, and your eligibility for different courses. hotel management certificate course &  hotel management diploma courses, 

Hotel management courses give different options for freshers. You will be eligible for jobs in hotels and other sectors. So, you can explore different departments and areas. Based on your talent and skills, you can find a good role.

Focus on learning new things in the first years. After the initial year or two, you will have more clarity. Then, you can chalk out your hotel management career scope. hotel management certificate course and hotel management diploma courses, 

Identify your strengths. Focus on developing them further. So, opt for job duties that improve your knowledge and skills. Also, select the area you want to focus on.

This is a very personal choice. You may want to become a top-level manager. Or it can be an executive chef. Sometimes you will like to be an administrator. 

In certain cases, it is not the job that actually matters. Instead, it can be your personal goals. For instance, you may want to find a job abroad. So think of all these factors. Then you can set your career path.

After this, you can work towards your goal.

Hotel management as a career is a very attractive option for youngsters. It can help you realize all your personal and professional goals. hotel management certificate course and hotel management diploma courses, 

Not only does this career stream help you find jobs that you will love doing, but it will also reward you with financial success. So, make the wise decision and set your sights on a diploma or degree in hotel management after school.

It is difficult to pinpoint a single profession. Many career streams offer good remuneration.

The hotel industry features in this list. You have great scope for career advancement.

When you reach a manager grade, your salary will be in the range of lakhs. So, this is one of the best-paid professions in India. hotel management diploma courses

Professional courses after 12th are suitable for all students. However, it is best for those with strong organizing and communication skills.

Apart from this, you should be hard-working and sincere. If you are dedicated, this is a field that is highly rewarding.

All students who are interested in a profession in the hotel industry will benefit from it.

It can also be helpful if you are interested in jobs in the hospitality field.

Short-term courses after 12th are mainly suitable for those who want to find a job quickly. hotel management certificate course,

These courses will prepare you for high-paying jobs in specific departments. 6 month hotel management course,

The courses are also less expensive than two and three-year courses.

So, if you are on a budget, it is one of the best options to consider. These certification courses are recognized by the hotel industry.

So, you can always plan to study further when all the other conditions are favorable. hotel management diploma courses

The hotel management certificate course is suitable for students who have completed the 12th standard.

There are three different subjects that you can choose from. Apart from the 12th standard pass, you should also meet the age requirements.

You should be between 18 and 25 years of age to apply to these courses.

Hotel management skill development courses are also short-term courses. These are intended for professionals in the hotel management industry. hotel management diploma courses, 

These courses help you to improve and upgrade existing skills. Since the course is short-term, you will only need a short break from work to complete it.

Most hotel chains will allow you to take leave to complete such courses. However, there may be some conditions attached to it.

Every additional certificate that you obtain will only increase your value in the industry. Apart from that, you will also learn a lot of things during your course. hotel management certificate course, 6 month hotel management course,

You will become a subject expert in this manner. And this will prepare you better for your job responsibilities.

A good short-term course will give you an advantage in interviews and promotions. It will put you ahead of the competition.

Hence, you should consider doing at least one certificate course in your area of interest. This will greatly improve your career and salary growth options.  hotel management certificate course, 

As we saw earlier, your hotel management salary in India is related to your qualification. Degree holders start with higher starting salaries than diploma holders.

In general, a diploma holder can expect a starting salary of Rs.12k to 15k. A degree holder can earn between Rs.15k and 20k. (approximately)hotel management certificate course and hotel management diploma courses, 

Your salary will further increase with experience. Top-level managers earn salaries in lakhs per month. 6 month hotel management course, 

We have also covered what are the different jobs in a hotel. Your salary will vary according to the exact job profile you handle.

It is important to get your degree or diploma from a recognized institute. Only then will top hotel chains consider you.

A good institute will also offer training opportunities. Apart from this, you can also expect placement opportunities.

So, choose to do your degree or diploma from an established institute. This will give you the best start in your career. hotel management certificate course and hotel management diploma courses, 

The best thing about hotel management courses is the variety of courses. So, you can easily find one in your field of interest.

Long-term or short-term courses are available. Choose the one you prefer.

Most diplomas are for one or two years. However, degree and PG courses are longer. These are usually between 2 and 3 years.

Hotel management course duration is short for certificate courses. Hence, they won’t be longer than 6 months or one year.  hotel management certificate course, hotel management diploma courses


This depends on the type of course you join. Diploma courses last between 1 year and 3 years. The exact duration will depend on the specialization.

Graduation courses in hotel management take 36 months. You can also find skill development courses. These are usually of 6-month duration. For skill development courses, a basic diploma or degree is needed.

The hotel and hospitality industry is growing very fast. So, there are careers opening every single day.

A certificate in hotel management makes you eligible for good entry-level or mid-level jobs. Hotel management diploma and graduate holders get attractive salaries right from the beginning.

With hotel management, you have many diverse options to explore. If you know your interest, you can find specialization courses. This will help you gain skills and grow in your favourite field of study.

The hotel industry recognizes talent. It also allows you to travel far and visit new places. Hotel management professionals have the chance to meet new people. This can also help you to explore new cultures.

Hotel management qualifications from a good institute will help you enjoy financial and personal growth. Since there are various options, make your choice wisely. Weigh your options and it will reward you with a satisfying career for life. hotel management certificate course, hotel management diploma courses 

When joining for certification courses, you should think of what your end goal is.

Do you want to develop an additional skill? Or do you want a course that will help you with your existing job role?

Choose your course subject accordingly. hotel management certificate course 

Apart from this, another factor to consider is your availability. You will have to dedicate 6 months to this course. hotel management diploma courses,

So, you will have to attend classes at the campus full-time. This may be difficult if you will be working as well. 6 month hotel management course,

Check with your employer for sabbatical leave options. This will help you focus entirely on the course for the specified duration. 6 month courses after 12th

If you cannot afford to take time off work, you may be better off with an online or part-time course. hotel management certificate course and hotel management diploma courses,

This is a personal choice. Some students prefer to study diploma courses in hotel management in India. Others apply to a degree course.

Both certificates are recognized by hotels. However, starting salary is higher if you have a degree. 

You must have a degree for some job positions. So, a diploma after 10th can limit your prospects. But a degree will help you grow faster. Hence, if you do hotel management after 10th, plan to study more.

You can study even after graduation. There are many hotel management 1-year course. These help you specialize.

No, students from all recognized boards have are eligible to join hotel management courses. If you are a 12th pass, you can be from any subject background.

You can receive a pass in Science, Commerce, Arts or Humanities and join the course. There are no restrictions.

Apart from this, it helps if you have an interest in this field. Qualities like punctuality, dedication & hard work are necessary.

Good organizing skills will also help you succeed.hotel management certificate course and hotel management diploma courses, 6 month hotel management course

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