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Hotel Management Courses Duration and related details, Eligibility, Fees, Admission, Syllabus, Job Roles, & Scope 2024

Many students who pass out of high school are thinking of studying in colleges and universities that offer hotel management courses.

This field will bring good opportunities for aspiring candidates in this industry now and in the future. Because, of the way India is establishing itself in the world today, the next India will become a tourist destination.

This is why the hotel management industry is booming and will continue to grow in the near future. These opportunities will be offered not only by Indian companies but also by international hotel chains.

Thus, this would be considered a fruitful field for making a career in this industry.

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Anyone interested in this type of profession is equally required to build certain abilities, for example, a remarkable ability to accommodate people; quick communication skills, keep on top of concerns quickly; ethical expertise, and above all implement successful multi-tasking. Hotel management courses will certainly provide much more guidance than these topics.

Students studying the course are also trained through softs skills and industrial training, which helps ensure that they are going to gain employment opportunities in their chosen field.

Hotel management courses teach different levels and concepts. Although there are some similarities in the syllabus of Diploma, Degree or Graduation, Master and Doctorate, or Ph.D. However, there are some differences in the content of the course.

Topics of some general hotel management courses that are taught to the candidates in UG level courses include the introduction of food and beverage services, management of kitchen operations, front office management, management of hospitality organization, etc.

On the other hand, PG-level courses teach management principles and practices, hospitality operations and management, organizational behavior, food and beverage management, travel management, and the like.

Thus, each course’s content, fees, admission process, requirements, and duration are bound to be different. Hotel Management Courses Duration and related details

Different Types of Courses

Hotel Management Courses Duration and related details, Hotel management courses After 10th, Hotel management admission, Hotel management course list, 1 year diploma in Hotel management fees, Hotel management courses After 12th, Eligibility for Hotel management, 1 year diploma in Hotel management, Hotel management courses syllabus, Hotel management course fees,

There are various levels of courses in hotel management, such as certification, diploma, degree or undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate. There are also courses on different subjects under each of the mentioned levels. They are discussed below:

Diploma level courses

A diploma in Hotel Management is a type of hotel management training program of 1year or 2-year duration. This course is available in two branches Diploma in Hotel Management and Diploma in Hospitality Management

The course is an industry-based course, aimed at training students in the skills, experience, and attitudes required to play a key role in a career.

The subjects of the Hotel Management Diploma course are Hotel Administration, Accounts, Housekeeping, Front Office, Food and Beverage Management, Catering, and Maintenance. Principles of Management, Tourism.

The Courses Highlights:

Course LevelDiploma
Duration1 Year
Eligibility Criteria10th/12th Passed from recognized Board
Average Course FeeINR 50,000 – 65,000 It could fluctuate, Contact Admission Desk for further details
Recruitment AreasHotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Catering Services, Tourism, etc.
Job RolesHotel manager, housekeeping manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Chef, Steward, Housekeeping Associate, Front Office manager, etc.
Average SalaryINR 2-6 Lakhs, Or (as per job profile)

Available Courses

Advance Diploma level Courses

Advanced Diploma provides students with a little more in-depth knowledge in comparison to diploma-level courses. With an elaborate syllabus.

The Courses Highlights:

Course LevelAdv Diploma
Duration2 Year
Eligibility Criteria10th/12th Passed from recognized Board
Average Course FeeINR 1,00,000 – 1,55,000 It could fluctuate, Contact Admission Desk for further details
Recruitment AreasHotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Catering Services, Tourism, etc.
Job RolesHotel manager, housekeeping manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Chef, Steward, Housekeeping Associate, Front Office manager, etc.
Average SalaryINR 2-8 Lakhs, Or (as per job profile)

Available Courses

Bachelor (UG) level courses

Hotel management degree courses are a full-time program with a three- or four-year duration. The courses focus extensively on hotel management topics.

Those who want to get an excellent job by studying Hotel Management in detail can take the Bachelor of Hotel Management course.

It is also an ideal option for building a career as a lecturer in a hotel management college and pursuing higher studies through a master’s course.

Each hotel management course has a combination of different subjects. Diploma courses do not go deeper into the curriculum while undergraduate and postgraduate courses go deeper into the curriculum.

It must be understood how much detail a student will study in the subject he wants to study. Choose the course accordingly.

The primary Hotel Management syllabus has Hotel Administration, n office operations Accommodation Operations, Food and Beverage Operations, Food production, Catering and Maintenance curriculum, etc. Hotel Management Courses Duration and related details

The Courses Highlights:

Course LevelBachelor
Duration3 Year
Eligibility Criteria12th Passed from recognized Board
Average Course FeeINR 2,00,000 - 8,00,000 It could be fluctuate, Contact Admission Desk for further details
Recruitment AreasHotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Catering Services, Front Office Operations, Tourism, and many more.
Job RolesCatering Manager, Hotel Manager, Customer Service Executive, Executive Chef, etc.
Average SalaryINR 3-10 Lakhs, Or (as per job profile)

Available Courses

Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM)

Typically, the BHM course is a bachelor’s degree course in hospitality management for 3 years duration.

This course covers Hotel Engineering, Hotel Accountancy, Front Office Operations, Tourism Foundation, Accommodation Operations, Food & Beverage Operations, and more.

This course has an admission process that is based on entrance tests, lateral entry, and merit. As eligibility You should be between 18-22 years, also you must pass with 40% marks from a recognized board or university with compulsory English subjects.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration is a 3-year undergraduate degree course. Which is a degree awarded by a UGC-recognized university. Some of the main topics of this course are related to business economics, business mathematics, management policy, statistics, organizational behavior, etc.

As the curriculum is huge, subjects vary depending on the specialization a student chooses. The major specializations within BBA are BBA Marketing, BBA Finance, BBA Tourism, and BBA Supply Chain Management.

There are two types of admission process in this course which are an entrance test and direct admission. BBA Entrance Exams are conducted through UPSEE, IPU CET, MUMCET, etc.

Eligibility Candidates for this course must be between 18 to 24 years and have passed the 12th examination with a minimum of 40% marks in any stream from a recognized board.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Hospitality and Tourism

Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality and Tourism (BBA) is a 3-year course. Which is a degree awarded by a UGC-recognized university. It is a full-time dual specialization program for hospitality and tourism aspirants.

The course focuses mainly on hotels, resorts, travel and tourism, airlines, cruise lines, event management, and other service sectors as well as developing knowledge to understand the background, modern practices, and prospects of the tourism and hospitality sector, along with management subjects.

The admission process for this course is different depending on the college/institute. The admission process can be through merit, entrance test, and counseling.

As the admission process varies depending on the college/institute, some colleges/institutes may have some additional requirements for eligibility criteria.

Must be eligible in any stream or equivalent with a minimum of 40-50% marks in the 12th exam from any recognized board.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Hospital Management

This course provides 3 years of business skills and knowledge in the UG-offered health management industry.

The curriculum focuses on hospital financial management, health economics, strategic management in healthcare, human resource management, health insurance, medical tourism, health insurance, and medical tourism.

Admission to the program is determined through NMAT, SET, SAT, etc. examinations. Some institutions also conduct their own entrance exams for admission which can be through merit, entrance exams, counseling, and group discussions.

To be admitted in this course, candidates must have passed the twelfth examination with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized board in any stream.

Bachelor of Hotel Management Catering Technology (BHMCT)

BHMCT is an undergraduate course, some institutes offer this course under UGC, which can be for 3-4 years. The course focuses on those topics Food Production, Food & Beverage Services, Housekeeping Operations, Front Office Operations, Catering Science, Communication Fundamentals, Accommodation Operations, Computer Basics, Basic Accounting, Management Policy, Hotel Accountancy, Human Resource Management, Travel & Tourism.

Admission to the course may be based on a general entrance test or merit-based admission taken by the college/institution. It is also done through group discussions and personal interviews.

As eligibility You should be between 18-22 years, also you must pass with 50% marks from a recognized board or university with compulsory English subjects.

BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration

The course is a three-year undergraduate degree program offered in the hospitality and travel sectors.

Its curriculum equips the students with all the skills and knowledge required by the candidates for their job in the hospitality industry, as well as the skills required to perform supervisory duties.

The program also provides in-depth study for students to acquire the required knowledge and skills in the field of food production, food and beverage services, front office operations, and housekeeping.

Admission to this course is usually through an entrance test, counseling, or personal interview. Students participating in the 12th are required to attend JEE on a temporary basis.
According to the eligibility criteria, the student should pass 12th in English.

BSc in Hotel Management and Catering Technology

This course is a 3-year undergraduate degree course that focuses on hospitality management, travel and tourism services, and catering services.

The course provides students with practical and technical knowledge in the hospitality industry on food production, hotel management, front office management, food and beverage services, and catering technology.

Admission to this course is usually through entrance exams, entrance exams are- LPUNEST, CUCET, GNIHM JET, etc. Again, some institutions admit students to this course by their own entrance test.
According to the eligibility criteria, the student should pass 12th in English.

Postgraduate (PG) level courses

The postgraduate course in hotel management is a 2-year postgraduation course at the university level.

Those who want to get a good job in the hotel or tourism industry or start their own business in this industry can do it through these courses. Even senior employees/professionals can enroll in this course to improve their work profile and hone certain skills.

However, students are required to complete the UG level course before entering this course. One thing to keep in mind is that when you enter a PG or Master level course, the subject you have studied at the UG level retains on the PG level. It will give you more knowledge on that subject in this industry.

PG level few main syllabus Nutrition and Dietetics Management, Hospitality Management, Human Resource Management, French for Hotel Management, Financial Management Facilities, Design and Management, Accommodation Management, Food Science, Marketing and Sales, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management, Tourism Planning, Fundamentals of Tourism and Tourism Products, Principles and Practices of Management, Communication and Soft Skills, Entrepreneurship Development, Research Methodology, Financial accounting for Tourism and Hotel Business, etc.

There are good opportunities in this course, you will be qualified to work as Catering Officer, Resort Manager, Hotel Manager, Air Cabin Crew, or Hospitality Executive in different sectors like Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agencies, Resorts, and Bars. Hotel Management Courses Duration and related details

The Courses Highlights:

Course LevelMasters
Duration2 Year
Eligibility CriteriaGraduate in any stream
Average Course FeeINR 50,000 – 7/8,00,000 It could be fluctuate, Contact Admission Desk for further details
Recruitment AreasAirlines, Crow ship, international level hotel & Resorts, etc.
Job RolesHotel Manager, Restaurant Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Hospitality Executive, Customer Service Executive.
Average SalaryINR 5-10 Lakhs, Or (as per job profile)

Available Courses

Masters of Hotel Management (MHM)

MHM is a 2-year postgraduate program, which specializes in students in hotel management in subjects such as marketing, household, food and beverage, hospitality, catering, security, and finance.

The course provides insights into the needs of hotel guests and what steps are essential for the hotel’s reputation.

Those who plan to take this course must have good communication and organizational skills. These skills help them to advantage in their rank promotion in this industry.

The admission process for this course is through merit-based selection or entrance examination. Some colleges offer admission only merit basis. In the case of merit level, the college publishes a merit list depending on the cut-off. Hotel Management Courses Duration and related details.

Different colleges and universities have their own eligibility criteria for this course to select candidates. Students must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent pass from a recognized university with a minimum total of 50%. Candidates in the reserved category will get a 5% relaxation.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA is a two-year postgraduate management course whose field of expertise studies various aspects of a business setup. Which prepares students for management roles in companies or organizations.

The course covers various areas of business administration such as accounting, applied statistics, human resources, business communication, business ethics, business law, strategic management, business strategy, finance, managerial economics, etc.

This course can be done in different formats like Online MBA, Distance MBA, Integrated MBA, Executive MBA, Part-time MBA, and Full-time MBA. Again, each of these courses has different specializations.
  • Full-time MBA

This course is designed to prepare professionals to lead in a regularly changing business environment. Students take their respective major and minor specialized subjects. This course includes research and project work, industrial exposure, and summer internships. Specialty subject choices typically include Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Logistics, Information Technology, Systems, International Trade and Business, Consumer Behavior, Risk Management, and more.

  • Part-time MBA

This course is for those who cannot pursue full-time due to lack of time and various other reasons, it is for anyone to follow it. Different business schools offer these courses. The syllabus and duration of a part-time MBA are also different from other types of MBA.

  • One-year MBA

This course is designed for professionals who want to pursue an MBA while working and do not want to pursue a full-time MBA program. Many institutions offer one-year MBA in various specialized fields, such as a one-year MBA in Finance and PGPX.

  • Executive MBA

This course is applicable for professionals with 5 or more years of work experience. The Executive MBA course is suitable for managers, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders. However, this course with a short period (15 – 18/19 months), and classes are conducted irregularly. Course fees are a bit higher than other MBAs.

  • Integrated MBA

The best thing about this course is that the candidates qualify after completing their 12th, it is best for candidates after 12th grade. In this case, candidates have to be admitted to a 5-year program. Candidates will follow the undergraduate level course as well as the postgraduate level course.

The MBA syllabus for this course is completely different. Candidates have the opportunity to choose BBA / Btech / BA / BSc + MBA courses. Course fees vary from college to college. Interested students can check the college portal where they want to be admitted to know the details of the course.

  • Distance MBA

Distance MBA is like correspondence exchange, in this type of course the student does not need to attend classes or attend several classes in a year and appear for exams. The study material is in the form of paper material, television programs, CDs / DVDs, e-mail, etc. IGNOU MBA is best suited for distance MBA in India.

  • Online MBA

Online MBA is mainly offered through the internet. The course is a UGC-approved part-time MBA, its curriculum and duration are different from other types of MBA. It is a flexible course offered by Indian and foreign business schools for aspiring professionals and students, who do not wish to pursue a regular full-time 2-year MBA.

Admission for the MBA course varies depending on the institution, either through the entrance exam score or on merit base.

Typically, there is an entrance test for MBA courses, which can be at the national level, state level, own institute level, or university level.

CAT, XAT, MAT, SNAP, NMAT, CMAT, TAN-CET, and MAH-CET entrance exam mark scores are especially influential for this course. Hotel Management Courses Duration and related details

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree in any relevant subject from a recognized university with a minimum of 50% of the total marks and above. Hotel Management Courses Duration and related details 

MSc in Tourism and Hospitality Administration

This course is a postgraduate course in the stream of Hotel Management. candidates who don’t have a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management are required to enroll in the bridge program before taking this course.

This course gives candidates a keen eye for learning theories and practical skills used in the tourism and hospitality sector. It also equips students with state-of-the-art skills and knowledge, how to deal with different types of people in the hospitality and tourism industry and to serve in a customer-oriented industry.

Quality service and operation management, Food and beverage management, Tourism Management, Tourism Entrepreneur and Innovation Management, International Hospitality Business, Research, and Quantitative Methods, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, Financial and Management Accounting, Tourism and Hospitality Marketing, Tourism Sociology, Property Management.

Courses in this course include strategic planning and management in the tourism and hospitality business, infrastructure management, decision making in uncertainty, event planning and management, and sustainable tourism development.

The admission process usually varies from college to college. typically, some entrance exams conducted by colleges and universities for admission are through personal interviews.

Eligibility Criteria In this course, the candidate must have passed a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with 50% marks. For streams other than hotel management, candidates must enroll themselves in a bridge course.

MSc in Hotel and Catering Management

This course is a 2-year postgraduate course in the specialty of hospitality management. The course teaches students about catering such as the process of cooking food, how to cook good food, the subject of food presentation, and serving etiquette.

Enrollment in this course helps the students to become reflective persons with the required skills through an academic and industry-relevant-based curriculum. The course is extensively trained to work in the dynamic and competitive hospitality industry.

Course admissions procedures may vary from institution to institution, usually with entrance exams and personal interviews. Basically, students are selected on the basis of merit obtained through the final entrance test and interview.

As a criterion of eligibility, the candidate for the course must have completed graduation in any subject from a recognized institution with a minimum total score of 50%. Students awaiting final year exam results are also eligible to apply.

Doctorate (Ph.D.) level courses

Most doctoral degrees take three years to complete, but some may take longer. It depends on the subject of the Ph.D. course, such as the Hotel and Hospitality Management Course / Tourism and Hospitality Management Course / Catering Technology. Applicants can get an estimate by contacting a specific university. Hotel Management Courses Duration and related details

Scholars may be able to choose a focus for their education, such as facility management, consumer behavior, or hospitality real estate management. Most programs at this level include lectures, workshops, and discussions in most research-based learning.

Prepare for a career as a Professor, Hospitality Coordinator, CEO, Marketing Specialist, and Hotel Management Consultant.

Admission to this course is done through an entrance test (State / National / University Council of Hotel Management) and a personal interview. To qualify, you must have a master’s degree from a recognized university.

The Courses Highlights:

Course LevelResearch
Duration3 – 4 Years
Eligibility CriteriaMaster’s degree or equivalent
Average Course FeeINR 4,00,000 – 10,00,000 It could be fluctuate. Varies from University to University)
Recruitment AreasAirlines, Crow ship, international level hotel & Resorts, etc.
Job RolesTeacher/ Lecturer, Hospitality Coordinator, Hospitality Administration Researcher, Hotel Manager, etc.
Average SalaryINR 3-10 Lakhs, Or (as per job profile)

Available Courses

  • Ph.D. in Hotel Management
  • Ph.D. Hotel and Tourism Management
  • Ph.D. Hotel Management and Catering Technology

Based on Student Queries some QNA

The hotel and hospitality industry is growing very fast. With hotel management, you have many diverse employment options to explore. Hotel management qualifications from an institute will help you enjoy financial and personal growth. Hotel Management Courses Duration and related details

Hotel management courses give different options for freshers. You will be eligible for jobs in hotel and other hospitality sectors like, cruise, hospital, aviation, event management, retail chain, food chain, tourism sector and many more options. On the Industrial Training & Final Job placements, we have a good percentage of placements. Various five-star hotels visit the Institute for campus placements. As the result, our students are working in all the leading hotel brands.

It depends on which course you choose; the Hotel management course fee differs from institute to institute. In general, diploma courses will cost around 1lacs to 1.5 lacs, whereas degree courses may vary from 2lac to 7 lacs. Hotel Management Courses Duration and related details

Students are eligible through an entrance test or personal interviews, some institutes take direct admission also depending upon student’s marks and other criteria, so each institute may have selection criteria of its own.

This is a personal choice. Some students prefer to study diploma courses. Others apply to a degree course. Both certificates are recognized by hotels. However, starting salary is higher in some hotels if you have a degree.

You must have a degree in some job positions. So, a diploma holder’s prospects of a job and career are good, but growth may come after a longer duration of time in comparison to a degree holder. But a degree will help you grow faster.

The hotel management industry is different from any other industry. Choosing hotel management as a profession gives you a lot of career choices and options. choosing a profession in this industry comes with many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Fast growth and career development opportunities.
  • Every day would be a different and interesting day.
  • Good pay and promotions based on performance.
  • Multiple job profiles are available.

In Hotel management, you can get jobs with a higher salary depends on these conditions:

  • Your personal Skills development
  • Your communication ability
  • Learning capability
  • Hard-working 
  • Enthusiasm
  • Your smartness
  • Friendly nature
  • Team player
  • Right attitude
  • Adaptable nature

Each institute offers placement opportunities for their students. Institutes bring recruiters from famous hotels. The hotels conduct interviews to find top candidates. They will also look at other qualities. Some of these are confidence, general attitude, and enthusiasm.

Students who are serious about hotel management as a career make good impressions. Your course will prepare you for interviews.

Tourism management is a multifaceted field and includes all activities related to the tourism and hospitality industries. It provides students with the necessary experience and training in managing the food, accommodation, and tourism industries. There are three main areas of tourism management:

  • Business administration
  • Management theories and principles.
  • Tourism industry

Tourism and hospitality courses provide attractive careers. You can get jobs in these sectors.

Placement SectorsJob Position
Hotel industryHotel Manager
Aviation industryRestaurant Manager
Cruise linesExecutive Chef
Recreation clubsEvent Manager
Fast food jointsTravel Manager
Shopping mallsFood and Beverage Director
Approved sectors like IRCTC and bankingHousekeeping Director
Health clubs 
Tourism companies 
Retail chains 


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