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Management Institute Courses & its Teaching Philosophy

Our Teaching philosophy as a Management Institute Courses involves a complete orientation in outlook and to instills professionalism as required by Industry Standard,

Our student training program as a management institute, is built in such a way, which allows smooth adoption and transition from their student life to their Professional life.

So to make this transformation happen we at JBIHM, train our students not only on Theoretical Aspects of the Management Industry  but the same stress is laid upon practical knowledge and skills,

As a management institute we Involve two Kind of mandatory practical training which involves the development of work-related skills and  their knowledge in accordance with their Employer and Industry Demand.

  • Internal Practical: Where the Students sharpen their skills in Core departments at management institute labs with practical situation-based training Methodology.
  • External Practical Training Programmes: There are two types


         *Industrial Training Which involves 3 to 6 months of practical training in Real Management Set-up to get the first feel of real work scenarios in all Core Departments.

         *On-Job-Training/ Vocational Training: Further Specialization in the Core Department again in Industry set-up for a 4-12 month to strengthen their Practical Knowledge and Industry Readiness of Our Students.

Equal stress is given to Soft skills development like Communication English, Personality Development Programme(PDP), Grooming, Interview Giving Techniques, and Numerous Mock- Interview Drills which are incorporated in each management institute’s

course curriculum and are an integral part of it, to make the Student Confident and in a right attitudinal frame of mind for their placement and pave their path of Career and adjust easily to the Modern Corporate Culture.

Management Institute Courses
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