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Scope for Professional courses after 12th in Hotel industry

If you confused that After 12th what should I do? or How to decide what to do after 12th standard?
Then you may choose the hotel industry. we will assist you with that in how it will be a good choice for you.
And also, if you have a hobby traveling or love conversation with new persons.
And want profession with this hobby then you may consider tourism and hospitality courses.

Now let’s know details, how the scope in hospitality management careers & hotel/hospitality industry Professional courses after 12th standard?

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Hotel Management Professional courses after 12th Standard


Do you know what is the most common question asked by high-school students? It is, After 12th what should I do? You have hundreds of course options, including professional courses after 12th. After 12th what should I do, How to decide what to do after 12th,

This is an important time in the life of any student. Till this stage, your study options were limited. Maybe you had to choose between two languages. On 11th and 12th, you could also choose your subject groups. hospitality management careers, Tourism and hospitality courses,

But the whole story changes after 12th.

What you choose decides what you will do for the rest of your life. So, this is a critical decision. Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do, 

So, how to decide what to do after 12th? Do you want to join a general course or a professional course? What are the factors to consider when making your decision?

This article from JBIHM will provide answers to all your questions and guide you with making the right choice. Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do, How to decide what to do after 12th,hospitality management careers, Tourism and hospitality courses,

How to decide what to do after 12th Standard

At some point or the other, all students wonder after 12th, what should I do? Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do, 

There is no single answer to this question. This is because each student is unique. It is impossible to chalk out a common career path that will work for anyone. How to decide what to do after 12th, hospitality management careers, 

However, we can tell you about the different factors to consider. Tourism and hospitality courses, Professional courses after 12th, 

The first factor is the subjects you are interested in. Some students have an aptitude for science subjects. Others prefer arts or humanities. Some students have excellent organizing and communication skills. It would be a pity if such students were confined to desk jobs. So, identify your strengths to choose a career stream.  After 12th what should I do, How to decide what to do after 12th, 

Next, think of how long you want to study. Regular graduation courses last for just three years. However, your career options will be highly limited if you just have a degree. Instead, you will have to study further. hospitality management careers, Tourism and hospitality courses,

Professional courses are of longer duration. But the certificate holds value. You can easily find jobs after completing them. Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do, 

Then, there are Professional courses after 12th of different time durations. They can be anywhere from 6 months to 3 years long. The main benefit of these tourism and hospitality courses is that you receive a professional certificate. So, you are directly eligible for entry-level jobs after the course. How to decide what to do after 12th, hospitality management careers, 

Other factors to consider are your personal preferences. Like do you want a job in India or would you like to travel abroad? Another major aspect to consider is the salary you will get after you complete the course. You should also think of the scope of studying further. Is it necessary for your career stream? More importantly, are you interested in higher studies if it is necessary. Professional courses after 12th, Tourism and hospitality courses,


Interest Think of Professional Courses After 12th

Hotel management courses are a great option for students after 12th. If you are looking for professional courses after 12th hotel industry your options are numerous. There are both long-term and short-term courses available. So, you can choose the one that best fits your requirements. After 12th what should I do, How to decide what to do after 12th, hospitality management careers,

There are many perks to choosing hotel and hospitality courses after 12th. This is a fast-growing industry. Hence, there is great scope for interesting careers in this field. Professional courses after 12th,  Tourism and hospitality courses,  After 12th what should I do, 

Have you ever wondered which profession has the highest salary in India? How to decide what to do after 12th, hospitality management careers, 

There is no single answer for this question. However, hotel management courses give you the chance to feature in the top list. One of the most attractive factors in these courses is the high salary packages. Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do, Tourism and hospitality courses,

Even freshers in this industry get very high starting salaries. There is great scope for career growth. So, it is a rewarding profession.  How to decide what to do after 12th, hospitality management careers, After 12th what should I do, 

Professional courses after 12th are the ideal choice for students with good communicative skills. It gives you the opportunity to interact with new people. So, you can use your soft skills to make a great impression in this industry.  Tourism and hospitality courses,

So, when you are faced with the question “after 12th what should I do”, let hotel management courses be on the very top of your list. Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do, How to decide what to do after 12th, hospitality management careers, Tourism and hospitality courses,

Why you should consider tourism and hospitality courses

When you have just completed 12th, you do not know what is best for your future. So, you may not know how to decide what to do after 12th. Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do, 

Hotel management may be one of the options on your list. But how do you decide if it is an apt choice? hospitality management careers, Tourism and hospitality courses,

Here are some reasons in favor of making this decision. After 12th what should I do, hospitality management careers, Tourism and hospitality courses,

  • One of the best professional courses after 12th: In terms of finding jobs, career advancement, salary package & scope of moving abroad. Few other career streams offer placement guarantee.
  • Travel and tourism jobs are exciting: Think of meeting new people every day. Every role in hotel management is exciting. There is never a dull moment. So, it is a challenging sphere with ample scope for growth.
  • Gives you the opportunity to visit new places: If you love to travel, professional courses after 12th are a great choice. Get a job in a hotel at an exciting hotel destination. You will experience the holiday vibes every day.
  • Plenty of social interaction: Hotel management professionals deal with people from different spheres of life. You will be mingling with families with children, big corporates & even students. So, if you are a social bug, this is the perfect career to keep you going.
  • Good scope for promotions and growth: The hotel industry is expanding constantly. So, there are plenty of job opportunities. You also have a good chance of promotions and growth in this career stream.
  • Attractive salary package: Hotel management freshers have one of the best starting salary packages. Few other career streams provide as much compensation as this industry.

Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do, How to decide what to do after 12th, hospitality management careers, Tourism and hospitality courses,

Choose one of the Tourism and hospitality courses from the list to start a career in this industry.
With the help of which you can create your ambitious and Desired Career. 

Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do, How to decide what to do after 12th, hospitality management careers, Tourism and hospitality courses,

Hotel Management Course Duration & Related Details
Bachelor in Hotel Management3 Year12th Standard
Bachelor of Business Administration3 Year12th Standard
Bachelor in Hospitality & Tourism3 Year12th Standard
Bachelor in Hospital Management3 Year12th Standard
Adv.Diploma in Culinary Arts & Bakery2 Year12th Standard
Adv.Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism studies2 Year10th/12th Standard
Adv.Diploma in Hospitality studies & Catering technology2 Year10th/12th Standard
Diploma in Culinary Arts & Bakery1 Year10th Standard
Diploma in Accommodation Management1 Year10th/12th Standard
Diploma in Food & Beverage Service1 Year10th/12th Standard
Diploma in Front Office Management1 Year10th/12th Standard
Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism studies1 Year10th/12th Standard
Diploma in Hospitality studies & Catering technology1 Year10th/12th Standard

Hospitality and Tourism: Skills to succeed in this field

Hospitality and tourism is an important industry. It offers many jobs to youngsters. Hence, it is an attractive career stream. Professional courses after 12th, Tourism and hospitality courses,

The tourism industry is all about customer service. Happy customers are the base of this industry. And it is not easy to satisfy customers. How to decide what to do after 12th, hospitality management careers, 

Firstly, you should know what customers want. And each customer is different from the other. Then, you should be able to meet these expectations. So, it is not an easy task. Professional courses after 12th, 

Tourism and hospitality courses will help you with this. They are the first step to good hospitality management careers. With a degree from institutes like JBIHM, attractive travel and tourism jobs become a reality.

Apart from studies, you should have some skills. Only these will give you the advantage. So, let us look at what they are. Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do, How to decide what to do after 12th, hospitality management careers, Tourism and hospitality courses,

Hotel management admission

Good customer service skills for Travel and Tourism jobs

You should make a good impression. It doesn’t matter if you are booking their cab. Or helping them choose places to visit. Or even if you are simply serving food. You should always be accommodating. Even when dealing with difficult customers, you should be cheerful. This is not always easy. Tourism and hospitality courses will help you develop the right attitude. You will be trained on how to interact with clients.

Hospitality and tourism careers need Communication Skills

A good hotel manager should have good communication skills. Not only with customers but also with fellow staff. Tourism and hospitality courses focus on developing this skill. In hospitality and tourism, you will deal with different people every day. They will have to be from different backgrounds. Their ages and attitudes will also vary. In travel and tourism jobs, you should always be at the top of your game. You should speak clearly. You should also have a positive attitude. Only then will your customers be happy with your service.

Cultural understanding is Important for a career in Tourism

Every culture has its own beliefs. It is important to respect them. Only then, can you grow in hospitality management careers. Be mindful of the norms of your customers. Do not make unpleasant comments. Also, don’t assume things. For travel and tourism jobs in foreign countries, learn about the cultural beliefs there. Unless you show due respect, your customers will be unhappy.

 Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do,  How to decide what to do after 12th,  Professional courses after 12th, Tourism and hospitality courses,

 hospitality management careers, How to decide what to do after 12th, 

Tourism and hospitality courses, Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do, 

 Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do, 

 Tourism and hospitality courses, hospitality management careers, 

 How to decide what to do after 12th, Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do, 

Professional behavior is essential for Travel and Tourism Jobs

As a hospitality manager, you are the face of a hotel or organization. Remember that you represent a brand. Hence, you should uphold the name of the organization. Anything you do will reflect on the company. So, be professional always. Always know your limits. And stick to it Treat your job with due respect. Be courteous to everyone. Only then can you progress to higher levels.

Be a good Team Player

No employee in the hotel industry can operate alone. You are part of a bigger system. Hence, you should be a good team player. Learn to work well with others. Not only from your department, but also from other departments. Offer help when needed. Use the chance to learn new skills. During the peak season, you will have more work. Do it happily. Only then, will be a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Ability to Work under Pressure in thus industry

When you are in hospitality, every job has challenges. You must meet deadlines every day. Hence, self-discipline is expected. You should also be able to maintain a level head. It is important to work well under stress. Your performance should be consistent always. Even when the pressure is high. During peak travel season, your work will be tiring. You may have to work longer than usual. Even in such situations, you should manage all your responsibilities. Do things on time. But, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. Several times, you will come across difficult customers. When this happens, maintain your calm. Be a professional always.

Professional courses after 12th, After 12th what should I do,  

How to decide what to do after 12th, hospitality management careers, 

 Professional courses after 12th, Tourism and hospitality courses,

After 12th what should I do, hospitality management careers, 

How to decide what to do after 12th, 

 Professional courses after 12th, Tourism and hospitality courses,

How to decide what to do after 12th,  Professional courses after 12th,

Tourism and hospitality courses, After 12th what should I do, hospitality management careers, 

In hospitality and tourism, the essential part is Language skills

In hospitality and tourism, you need sharp language skills. In India, you can survive with English and Hindi. However, it is always better to learn the local language. Customers may ask for help to communicate with local people. This could be to book a taxi service. Or to get directions to a place. It will look bad if you cannot assist them with these needs. So, try to learn the local tongue. You can then communicate when the need arises. So, we have looked at the important skills for hospitality and tourism jobs. Now let us address some of the common questions related to this industry.


Short Question & Answer that some students usually face

The first step to a good hotel job is the right qualification.

Hotel management career scope improves with a degree or diploma. However, your certificate should be from a reputed institute.

You can join a diploma after 10th standard. For a degree in hotel management, you should complete the 12th standard.

Tourism and hospitality courses provide attractive careers.

Also, this is just like hotel management. You can either do a degree or diploma in this field.

It is suitable for both boys and girls. Since it is a professional course, it is job-oriented.

By completing a tourism and hospitality course you can write different exams.

You can also find jobs in any of these sectors.

  • The Hotel industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Cruise lines
  • Hospitals
  • Recreation clubs
  • Fast food joints
  • Shopping malls
  • approved sectors like IRCTC and banking
  • Health clubs
  • Tourism companies
  • Retail chains

After hospitality management, you can also try for jobs abroad.

So, there is no limit to the options you can find. All you need is a valid qualification in hand.

Good institutes have placement for their senior students. Institutes like JBIHM bring recruiters from famous hotels. The hotels conduct interviews to find top candidates. Then they hire them to entry-level positions.

Your course will prepare you for interviews. Recruiters prefer good results. They will also look at other qualities. Some of these are confidence, general attitude, and enthusiasm.

Students who are serious about hotel management as a career make good impressions. They have a good chance of being hired.

You can also attend direct recruitment drives after your course. These are usually conducted for students who are ready to join immediately. But the competition is higher. Students from other colleges will also attend these drives.

Your starting salary will depend on your post. It will also be based on the course you have completed.

Freshers with a diploma can expect a salary range of 15k and above.

However, your salary will also depend on the hotel. Some hotels pay more than others.

So, it is important to be placed with a top-level hotel. This will also help your career options.

Finally, it is important to realize that your salary will change. Work hard to prove your talent.

Be a good team player. Your employer will pay you more for your hard work.

You will also grow well when you are sincere and honest.

Hotel management courses give different options for freshers. You will be eligible for jobs in hotels and other sectors. So, you can explore different departments and areas. Based on your talent and skills, you can find a good role.

Focus on learning new things in the first years. After the initial year or two, you will have more clarity. Then, you can chalk out your hotel management career scope.

Identify your strengths. Focus on developing them further. So, opt for job duties that improve your knowledge and skills. Also, select the area you want to focus on.

This is a very personal choice. You may want to become a top-level manager. Or it can be an executive chef. Sometimes you will like to be an administrator.

In certain cases, it is not the job that actually matters. Instead, it can be your personal goals. For instance, you may want to find a job abroad. So think of all these factors. Then you can set your career path.

After this, you can work towards your goal.

Hotel management as career is a very attractive option for youngsters. It can help you realize all your personal and professional goals.

Not only does this career stream help you find jobs that you will love doing, but it will also reward you with financial success. So, make the wise decision and set your sights on a diploma or degree in hotel management after school.

Both these fields are linked. The main difference is in where you will be employed.

After studying tourism, you can find jobs in tourism-related fields. For instance, national parks, resorts, and government agencies.

After a hospitality degree, you can join hotels, resorts, etc. Your course will cover food services, housekeeping and human resources. So, you can take on any related role.

Tourism is more specialized. This is related to travel. Jobs involve interaction with customers. These customers will be traveling to or from your location. So, your responsibility is to aid things. You should ensure they are comfortable.

You can also be employed by travel agencies. One of the biggest examples of a tourism and hospitality company abroad is Disney.

There are different job options for hospitality management students. After your course you can apply to any of the following roles.

  • Hospitality executive
  • F and B Associate
  • Hotel industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Catering companies
  • Bartender roles
  • Insurance sector
  • Customer service jobs in banks
  • Tourism sector

There are many more industry options for you.

In fact, a degree in hospitality management is better than a regular degree. With this major, you are a professional.

It is a job-oriented degree with a good salary. You are eligible for government competitive exams for attractive jobs.

After a course, you can find jobs abroad. Most hotels over the world have similar requirements for staff.

So, you are qualified to work anywhere. And it can help you find a good career in a foreign country.

Tourism is a type of industry related to travel. It caters to customers who travel to places away from home.

So, tourism management looks after the needs of these travelers.

The course will teach you to understand the needs of travelers in a destination. You must ensure that their stay is comfortable.

Apart from this, you must attend to their needs.

You can also find tourism desk jobs. It can be related to booking stays and travel.

You can be a travel agent who arranges package deals for travelers.

When you specialize in tourism, you can find various types of jobs. With the tourism industry growing rapidly, there are many options.

To find the right course in hospitality and tourism, check out our list of courses at JBIHM.

We have a modern curriculum. The courses are highly industry-oriented. JBIHM also has placement assistance for students.

Overall, we guarantee an exciting career. So, if you are interested in hospitality management careers, don’t look anywhere else.

Hotel management course fees will differ by institute and course. In general, diploma courses will cost around 1 lakh whereas degree courses will range from 2 to 5 lakhs.

To make this decision, consider your strengths and subjects of interest. Also think of the big picture.

Choose a course that will allow you to use your best talents. You should also look forward to a career in this field years later.

Other factors to consider include how long you want to study, fees budget and your eligibility for different courses.

Professional courses after 12th are suitable for all students. However, it is best for those with strong organizing and communication skills.

Apart from this, you should be hard-working and sincere. If you are dedicated, this is a field that is highly rewarding.

Like every career stream, hotel and hospitality professionals face their unique set of challenges.

However, it is an exciting field of work. When compared to other careers, professionals have excellent growth options.

There is great scope for promotions. Pay packages are attractive at all levels.

Customers appreciate good service. So, talented hotel management professionals are rewarded well.

If you have good people skills and work hard, you can easily establish yourself.

Hence, if you have the question, after 12th what should I do, here is a good choice.

Hotel management is an excellent option for career-oriented students.

Yes, you can join hotel management after 10th grade. Eligibility for hotel management after 10th is to diploma/craft courses.

If you have a 12th standard pass certificate, you can apply for a graduate course instead of a diploma.

For hotel management admissions, there is an age limit. You should be between 18 and 25 years of age to gain admission.

There are diploma, degree, post-graduate & certificate courses. Eligibility conditions vary for each one.

Hotel management courses after 10th are diploma courses. You can choose any stream of study. The course duration will vary according to your choice.

You can also do hotel management courses after 12th. These are graduation courses. You can join it whether you are from arts, science or commerce.

Finally, there are hotel management 1 year course / 6 months. For this, you should have a hotel management qualification.

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